Study in Universities in United States

Like Canada, the US is also one of the top destinations for UK students wanting to pursue their study abroad. Aside from having a diverse and large higher education sector, the US also has many of its universities included on the QS World University Rankings 2014-2015 list. Students planning to study in the country have more than 3,500 institutions they can choose from.
As for the educational system, universities in the US offer undergraduate degrees that take 4 years to complete. The difference with these universities is it allows the students to take minor qualification while also completing their major course. This is an advantage for students who wish to supplement their major degree or simply want to take and explore something they are interested in.
The Cost, Applications and Requirements
International students typically pay more than what the local residents are required to. Tuition fees often start from US$20,000 per year and reach up to US$40,000, which is the case in Ivy League institutions. To help students with their educational finances, scholarships are made available for those UK students while loans are offered to international students.
International students planning to study in the US can directly make their application to their chosen universities. Typically, students interested to apply are recommended to do so about 1 to 1 ½ years before the enrollment. The entry requirements typically include completing the admission test/essay, and the ACT or SAT admission tests, and providing recommendation letters. Transcript and the personal statement must also be provided. Accepted students will be immediately entered into the international student database – Student and Exchange Visitor Information System where they can check if their information is accurate.

Once accepted, international students, specifically the full-time ones, will need to obtain F-1 student VISA. Students who are part of the student-exchange program are required to get J-1 Exchange Visitor VISA.

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