Study in Universities in New Zealand

The educational system in New Zealand is based on the well-regarded British system. Universities in the country also offer several opportunities for internships and research where students can certainly build and develop practical skills they need for their academic life and future career. Courses offered at universities, colleges, polytechnics, private training establishments and secondary schools are available for vocational, professional and academic studies. Overall, there are 8 universities that international students can choose to study at New Zealand. All of which are known for its high quality education.
The Cost to Study in New Zealand Universities
The cost of education in New Zealand can be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are several scholarship options students can turn to if they need financial aid. Be reminded that each of the university in the country is the one setting its tuition fees. Hence, the amount that a student has to pay solely depends on the chosen institution, level of study and subject.
All international students are required to pay foreign student fees. However, there are other foreign students who may become exempted from this especially if they are categorized as domestic students. A good example of domestic students is those foreign students who are enrolled in PhD programs.
·         Undergraduate Degree – NZ$ 18,000 to NZ$ 25,000 per annum
·         Postgraduate Studies – NZ$ 10,000 to NZ$ 30,000
(Note: Cost still depends on the chosen subject. For instance, undergraduate studies including social sciences, humanities, arts or management costs less than science and technology studies.)
Students must also expect to encounter other additional costs while studying in the country. Some of examples of these additional costs that may be encountered are Overseas Student Health Cover charges and other fees.
Students after studying for degrees and diplomas at Institutes of Technology, Polytechnics and Universities through the secondary school system are required to have NCEA Level 3 qualifications. Overseas students are also required to provide proof that they achieved the same University entrance level of education. These are the admission requirements that an international student must obtain to study in New Zealand.

As for the application, students from countries with VISA-free agreement with NZ or those who are only spending less than 12 weeks for their course are not required to present a VISA. The rest of the application cases are already required to present a Student VISA and have their Confirmed Offer

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