Study in Universities in England

Studying Abroad – Know What it Costs, How to Apply and More
Planning to study in one of the top universities abroad? Below is a guide that can help you further to decide on where to study, including the basic information like the requirements you need to study in a specific country, the costs and more.
Study in Universities in England
England is a top choice of country when it comes to studying abroad, and it is for several good reasons. The country, aside from having an amazing history and being rich in culture, is also known for its commitment to the improvement of higher education. Over the years, English schools stayed the leader in producing students who can think critically, creatively and independently.
Educational System and Courses it Excel Most
English universities all offer a bachelor’s degree, which takes three years to complete. There are also several institutions offering a Master’s Degree (undergraduate level), which takes four years to complete. Between the two, it is the Master’s Degree which is most preferred by most due to its less cost, compared when a person returns for a postgraduate Master’s Degree. Some universities are also offering vocational degrees which are commonly referred as foundation degrees in England. This option takes two years to complete.
Like other countries, there are also specific courses which England’s universities excel most. These courses include Business (London), Medical Fields, Veterinary Science, Teacher Education, and Law.
Cost to Study in England Universities
Most undergraduates in the country are paying up the amount of £9,000 per year as the cost of their tuition, while the average per year is £6,000. Tuition in England universities are commonly referred to as fees, which already covers the entire tuition cost and other services provided at the universities. Such services include, information technology, tutoring services, library services and more. Students who are not UK citizens should expect to pay more than what the rest pays. In this case, international students may be required to pay £10,000 per year to study at an English university.
Students who are under postgraduate studies also pay more than what is required from the undergraduates. The fees typically reach up to £12,000 per year, which is the amount paid by those who are living in United Kingdom and up to £20,000 for those who are not from UK.
All students planning to study in this country are required to obtain a VISA to be able to stay for an extended time. The immigration requirements are typically determined depending on the student’s country and nationality. However, European Union, EEA or Swiss Citizens no longer need to obtain VISA to study in England. The same is applied to those who are dual citizens using EEA, EU or Swiss Passport. Students who do not have the said citizenship are required to get a VISA. England also determines the requirement applications depending on the nationality category a student falls into. These categories are VISA Nationals and Non-VISA Nationalities.
VISA Nationals will need to have a VISA, Tier 4 Student VISA ( for those planning to stay for more than 6 months or wish to work in the country) or Tier 4 Student Visa/Student Visitor VISA (for those who plans to stay for less than 6 months and do not plan to work) to stay in England.

For the non-VISA Nationals, the requirements include VISA, Tier 4 Student Visa for those planning to stay for 6 months and work, or Student Visitor for those planning to stay for less than 6 months and do not intend to find work.

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